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Life is hard.

Through all of my health problems (you can read about that here), I have experienced the ups and downs of this reality. But throughout it all, writing has remained a way for me to work through my struggles and to heal. Last year (May 1, 2014, to be exact), I wrote a poem titled “Darkness”, talking about life and overcoming. Today, I want to share that poem with you. Here it is:


Rain pours down from the dark grey sky,
As the lightning strikes and the thunder booms,
Drowning out the silence
Of normal life.
But even the storm outside cannot
Drown out the storm on the inside.

Pain, fear, impatience,
All the result of years of
Asking questions,
But finding no answers.

Tears, worry, sleepless nights,
Not all my fault,
But still some of it rests upon my shoulders,
Unwillingly, but still it rests,
Threatening to overcome me
If I would just let it.

Sometimes letting the pain overcome me
Seems like the easiest way out,
But this type of temporary relief
Brings more pain in the end.

No, I cannot let it overcome me,
I cannot let the pain win.
If I surrender to this darkness,
I may never again see light.

Surrender to the light,
And though I walk through darkness,
I will still see,
Because the light shines from the inside.

No one can dim the light
Which I hold inside my heart.
Neither pain, nor death can put out
The fire which burns within me.

I will not surrender to the darkness,
I will not surrender to the pain,
I will continue to walk in the light,
No matter how bleak things may seem.

I will fight, and fight hard,
I will try and fail and try again.
In the end, darkness brings only temporary relief,
And the light always wins.

There you go! I would love to hear your thoughts on this poem, so leave me a comment below! I love you all!

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