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Hey guys! I recently spent a beautiful Friday exploring Nashville with my sister and my friend Amanda. I vlogged the day (which you can watch here) and we also took a bunch of pictures, so I thought I would share some of those with you!


“Wanna go train hopping?!”


We had so much fun taking pictures in front of the “What Lifts You” mural in the Gulch!


Meghan looking adorable.




Next we went to 12 South for some food (and kept getting distracted by cool walls like this one)!


I got a sugar free strawberry banana popsicle from Las Paletas. It was so good! Their sugar free popsicles are made with just fruit, water, and stevia. I’ve been there many times and I’ve never had any issues with gluten contamination either.


Amelia’s Flower Truck is literally the cutest thing! Can I buy a flower truck and drive it around??


When you need to take a moment to contemplate life…

DSC_0517 (2)

Meghan and Amanda got donuts from Five Daughters Bakery. Meghan is always saying that they make the best donuts ever!


Blueberry lemon beauties!


When you’re suuuuuper chill….

Thanks for reading! I love you all!

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