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My Graduation Party

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Hey guys! I’m officially done with high school! To celebrate, I had a little graduation party and invited some of my favorite people. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my graduation party!


For the party, we rented a pavilion at a local park. Being homeschooled, I didn’t have specific school colors I needed to go with, so I decided to go with a pink and blue theme. So cute! We decorated the table above with a card box, a picture from my recent photoshoot with Anjeanette Illustration, and this painting that my sister, Meghan, made. I love this Grey’s Anatomy quote she used (Meghan is my person).


On the other side of the table, we had this sign that Meghan made to explain my polaroid guest book. She was nice enough to let me use her polaroid camera. I really need to get one of my own at some point! We bought a polaroid guest book, then added some photo corners to easily slide the pictures into the book.

  DSC_0547We kept the table decorations simple, using blue mason jars, and a selection of white and pink flowers to match my party colors. I added twine and these DIY 2016 tags to decorate the jars. Also, the painting that you get a glimpse of in this picture was painted by my friend Camille!


For food, we decided to keep it simple with finger food. We had a section of fruit, as well as a vegetable tray.

DSC_0527    DSC_0528

Meghan made all of the desserts for the party! She made these beautiful cupcakes, as well as these macaroons with strawberry icing.


Meghan also made a mini paleo chocolate-peanut-butter cake for me so I could have a treat!


Meghan and my mom made a little photo booth area using crepe paper and these silver 2016 balloons. Thank you to Camille for almost passing out trying to blow those balloons up! Haha!


My brother, Brayden, and I being idiots!


My daddy!

DSC_0538   DSC_0543

Camille and I had so much fun taking weird pictures! Of course, Shankie the Unicorn had to make an appearance…


Brayden gave me his hat and this was the result…lol

DSC_0566    DSC_0567

Left: Taking a picture with Ethan, Ellie, and Natalie! Right: Me and my men.


Shankie dubbed me a graduate! AND NOW, THE PRESENTATION OF THE UNICORN HORN!!!


Of course, Shankie had to murder someone. That someone happened to be Meghan.


But Shankie can also be nice! Shankie really likes Camille…

I had so much fun at my graduation party! Thank you to Meghan and my mom for putting it all together! And thank you to everyone who came! Sorry to anyone who came that wasn’t featured in this post. We didn’t get digital pictures with everyone as we were having too much fun taking polaroids! Finally, thank you all for reading! I love you guys! 🙂


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