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Until The Flowers Bloom – A Poem for World Poetry Day

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Until The Flowers Bloom


So I’ll step into your open arms again—
and I’ll wait.

I’ll wait until
my heart begins to breathe
and my feet begin to dance
as the sunlight breaks through
the cracks in the walls.

I’ll wait until
the river reverses
and the water turns to gold
as the flowers bloom
upon the fields of freedom.

I’ll wait until
the weeds exhale their last
and the vines climb up the walls
as the once desolate garden
grows wild.

I’ll wait.
I’ll wait on you.
Until the flowers bloom.

In honor of World Poetry Day, I decided I would share a poem that I wrote a couple of weeks ago. I normally keep my poetry to myself, hidden away in a special folder on my laptop, but every once in a while I decide to release these words out into the world.

I chose this one because it is one of the most important poems I have ever written. It may seem simple, but to me it is an important declaration of faith. It was written in a moment when I didn’t want to keep believing for miracles, but decided that I would anyway.

Sometimes faith isn’t as simple just believing and watching miracles happen. Often, faith takes endurance and a conscious decision to step into the arms of the Father and wait on Him. And that’s what I’m doing, day by day.

I’ll wait. Until the flowers bloom.

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